The Top 5 Positions For A Satisfying Sex Life

There are all kinds of experts offering advice and products for a more satisfying sex life. However, a lot of the satisfaction of sex comes from the different positions that you can do it in, and everyone will find that they have different preferences for what gives them the most pleasure. Below are the top 5 sex positions to explore for ensuring a satisfying sex life for you and your partner.

The Girl On Top

How it is done: The guy should be lying on his back. The girl should be on top with a leg on either side of the guy’s torso. The girl should try to rock her body back and forth instead of bouncing up and down. Many couples also enjoy it when the girl grinds her pelvis in a slow circular or figure-eight motion.

Coital Alignment Technique

How it is done: Begin from the missionary position, with the girl on her back, and the guy on top of her and between her legs. The guy should push his body toward the girl’s head so that the pelvis will be a little higher up on the girl’s body than it normally is during regular missionary position sex. The guy should focus on grinding against the girl’s pelvis, rather than the usual in and out thrusting.

Doggy Style

How it is done: The girl needs to get on her hands and knees, with the guy kneeling down behind her. The guy should hold onto the girl’s hips as he thrusts deeply into her. The girl can either stay still or use her hips to push back against his pelvis.


How it is done: Begin from the missionary position. The guy should sit so that he is resting on his ankles and his knees are spread out wide. The girl should stay on her back with her feet flat against the bed and her hips arched up so that she is in a bridge position. The guy can use the girl’s hips as leverage while thrusting deeply.

Sideways Straddle

How it is done: This position is a little more complicated to perform, but it is worth it in the end. The guy should be lying on his back with his feet pressed flatly on the ground. The girl should be crouched over him, with one of her legs in the middle of his legs and her other leg against the guy’s side. She should then proceed to gently lower herself to down to her knees, and use her hand to guide his penis inside her.

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