Would you like the pleasure of my company

I am not sure what you are planning this evening but I don’t have anything special planned. If you like, you and I could get together and have a really good time somewhere in London. Our London escorts agency of https://cityofeve.com offer a variety of services and you may find something that I could really tempt you with tonight. How about a duo date with a couple of my sexy bisexual friends?

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Well, that is not the only thing that I have got to offer you. Most London escorts have different ideas on what they would like a date to be like, and I am not any different from the other girls at the agency. That is not strictly true, I think that I am a lot more sexier than the other girls at the agency, but that is something that I am going to let you decide for yourself. After all, you may not be one of those gents who appreciate my talents.

So, what are my talents? Come on, take a bit of closer look at my photos and I am sure that you will appreciate what my talents are when you stop and think about. What kind of talents do you think that a girl with a 34 E chest would have… Yes, I can certainly show you some exciting new tricks and perhaps you could experience with me, all of those thinks that you have always like to try. I have a passion for fulfilling gentlemen’s dreams and I am sure that I would probably to fulfil yours.

Once that you have discovered me, I am sure that you will appreciate the beauty of London escorts. Not only am I one of the hottest girls at the agency, but I am one of the more exciting ones as well. It could have something to do with my generous curves and tight little bum. I love showing off my body and if you would like a closer look, you will just have to give me a call here at London escorts. If you hurry up a little, you and I may even be able to meet up this evening. I was wondering if you would be interested in that…

I am not sure that we could do yet on our date, but I am sure that I could put you through your paces. If you are really good boy, I will let you spend some extra time in my company. There is no need to rush. I meet so many nice here at London escorts, but I feel that too many of them are in a rush. Why rush with girls like us around? I really don’t understand that at all, and would ask that you arrange your date for a couple of hours instead of just one. I promise you that would not be wasting your money at all, and that you would enjoy all of the very special arrangements that I can offer you today.

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