London Escorts Helped Me Appreciate My Body

The kids at school used to tease about my skinny legs, slim waist and big boobs. I know that I need not look my best when I went to school, but like my mom said, I would probably turn into a late bloomer. I wore glasses and had long blond hair which I seldom brushed. Who would have thought that I would work for an elite London escorts service when I grew up? Anyway, I had a lot of image problems with my body, and they stayed with until I joined London escorts, and saw myself in lingerie for the first time.Today, my life has completely changed.

Not only am I doing well at London escorts, but I look fantastic. When I go back to the little Berkshire town I used to live in, my former so called friends from school look at me with envy. No, I have not told them I work for an elite London escorts service, Instead I have shown them photos of me modeling swimwear. They would probably not be able to handle it if I told them I work for a London escorts, and I call my swim wear modeling career my official job. I guess that you can say that my swim wear modeling jobs is my official job.

Most of the girls at London escorts don’t have an official job to fall back on, but I have got my modelling. It does not only pay well but at the same time it gives me a lot of confidence. There is no way that any company or brand would let you model their bikini line if you did not look good. I don’t think of myself as a beauty queen or London escorts sex seduction mistress, but I do think that I look pretty good.Going back to the little town I grew up in can be a lot of fun. I normally arrive in my little sports car, and park outside the cottage which my earnings from London escorts paid for.

I love it and I know that many of the girls and boys I grew up with, simply could not afford neither the cottage or the car. They look at me in a funny way, and many of them just say a very quiet hello. As they were a bit nasty to me, I don’t let them get away with it. I always engage then in conversation as I know that it makes them feel so awkward.Have I made the most out of my personal assets?

Yes, I think that I have by now made the most out of my personal assets. When I got my first modeling job I was over the moon. But working a swimwear model does not pay so well, and being part of the sexiest bisexual escorts is really my main job. But I am not going to give up working for the modeling agency. One day, when I meet that special man, I will tell him that I am a model. At least I will be telling the truth, and I will not have to worry about making up a story like some of the other girls at London escorts.

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