Do We Need More Celebs?

There is a question that I often ask myself. I have started to wonder if there are too many celebs. When I was on my way in to start my cheap escorts shift, I started to read the headlines on a tabloid paper. The guy sitting opposite clearly liked his celebs and was reading the Sun which is packed with celebs news. The paper seemed to be packed about celeb news and it made me wonder if there are not one too many celebs around at the moment.

Do London escorts date celebs? On occasion, we do end up dating some men who think that they are celebs. I have even met men at cheap escorts who claim that they are celebs when they are not. At least I have not heard of them. Many of my London escorts friends have claimed that they have yet genuine celebs but I am not sure. I think that many of the men who like to date London escorts claim that they are celebs but in fact, they are not celebs at all.

Have we become fascinated by celebs? Yes, I am sure that we have become fascinated by celebs. Ultimately I think that I would go as far as to say that we are a bit obsessed with them. I know that there are many London escorts who like to follow certain celebs. It is fascinating to me. They seem to know everything about these celebs and even know what they eat. I really would not have the time. By the time I have finished my London escorts shift, I am too tired to be bothered by celebs.

Why are we fascinated by celebs? Well, that is the other question that I would like to know the answer to. I guess many of us lead such boring lives that we like to daydream. Is it boring to work for London escorts? No, it is not boring working for London escorts. I love it but I guess that there are many people out there who like to dream their lives away. They would probably get more out of their lives if they focused on fulfilling them in other ways instead.

I also wonder if celebs think that they are better than other people. During my London escorts career, I have dated a few people I would certainly call celebs. Some of them, not all, have given me the impression that they think that they are a little bit better than others. I would agree that some celebs are professionals as well and very good at what they do. I don’t mind them. It is the celebs that are all fake and try to act as Hollywood stars when they are not that I think that we have too many of. Maybe we should try to find a new name for them and call them something else than celebs? That could be a good idea.

There are also celebrities who are fantastic and think they are the same as everyone else. These are hard to find as the fame does change people even when they believe they wouldn’t.

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