Dangerous sex toys you should avoid



There have been a number of recent innovations when it comes to the creation of sex toys, some sex toys makers have even made it a point to make the toys look and feel so realistic to ignite the interest of people using the products.

However, not all sex toy manufacturers produce well-researched items, some sex toys being features on the web are dangerous to use, the sex toys inside concept that others are promoting in countries like Berkshire are not safe to use and apart from the fact that they are not safe to use, some toys can hardly get the excitement of the user increase.

Sex toys could be fun, they are even used by couples who want to spice up their sex life, and they can be used to provide a new experience for couples, while some use sex toys to look even more interesting in bed.

But in order to avoid causing unwanted reaction from a partner, there is a need to research sex toys that are not safe to use according to Berkshire escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/berkshire-escorts.

Some sex toys out on the web feel a little bit uneasy to use, they just create so much mess, they look dangerous and have strange parts that some would rather not explore.

Chocolate Flavored body fondue

While this concept sound interesting, some will consider this sex toy to be a little bit messy, not only that it is sticky to use.

Most chocolate flavored fondue sold in sex shops are just marketing strategies, in reality they are not really interesting to use, it would be best to just go with top chocolate brands and just include them for a little bit of kinky sex, but not overdue the concept by using an overpriced chocolate flavored body fondue.


Some will really do a hard marketing with regards to the swing, but in truth using the swing while doing sex is not really comfortable, if you are not really athletic people best to leave out the swing and just enjoy sex in a relaxed area.

Using the swing might even invite trouble, some of the swings being sold in sex shops are not sturdy enough to carry the weight of a human being and this might even cause unwanted accidents during the sex act.

Avoid putting your partner in trouble or avoid risking the pleasure of sex for some fancy sex toy that might not even provide you with what you really need.

Feather Leather Spanker”

Feather leather spanker might not be the cup of tea of some people, it looks just like a cat toy and might not really the interest of the partner. It might be a boring sex toy for some people and instead of buying it, others should opt to get more interesting sex toys and techniques that could be incorporated in bed.

Duct Tape products:

Putting a duct tape on your sensitive parts, especially on the genital area is not really a good idea. Some duct tapes that have been made to be placed for the penis are not even able to stick to the skin and serve their purpose.

Candle Massage:

Apart from the fact that the candle wil not really massage you, the tip or wax oil is burning hot, it has a high tendency of providing injury to the back side of an individual.


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